Virtual Reality Desk

A multimedia station to be able to virtually visit the “Cripta del Redentore”, the small hypogeum church located in via Terni in Taranto, was donated by the Taranto Taranto Poseidon Club to the Tarantina Municipal Library so that anyone who visited it is closed to the public. The small church is one of the first Christian testimonies of the city and was previously designed for the previous structure, and thanks to the use of technology it will be easier to know the environment where the legend related to the history of the cave is told.

This is a commissioned project I worked on with a great team of people Thanks to Acas 3d, Federico, Simone, Giuseppe, Stefano and all the others!

A special thanks to my father Camillo and his friend and wookworker Alfredo, who made possible to produce the desk itself.

My job was to physically design and build the structure that would host the multimedia station, equipped with a special touchscreen, oculus, a computer suitable for running the application and a simple mouse and keyboard set. By envisaging the possibility of disassembling and disassembling the product in the event of movement, I have chosen to use the Playwood connection system. In this way I was able to work designing the individual tables, reasoning in an assembly logic. The project is inspired by a desk made by digital fabrication (cnc milling machine), suitably adapted to be produced with simpler and cheaper production tools. Below is a brief presentation of the approved product renderings before moving on to the production execution phase (Thanks to my father and joiner Alfredo for the help).

The desk is in transparent varnished multilayer wood, on which a laser-engraved graphic is engraved.

Digital model was done in Blender 2.79 and renderings are with Cycles engine.