Lisciva Soap Dispenser

This is an university project.

The research starts from the study of a territory, in this case Crete, in Greece; analyzing the peculiarities and typical aspects of the territory, the resources on it, the current input / output system of a common house, a systemic study was carried out to improve the home system by reusing the outputs, previously simply treated as “waste” , to achieve an energy, environmental and social improvement.
The series of published tables show the specific case study of the treatment of waste coming from a typical kitchen of Crete. Specifically analyzing the cooking process outputs, we focused on water and ashes (very frequent as “waste” simply thrown away)and, after a careful study of the current situation of waste treatment, we came to the identification of guidelines that naturally led us to product design. Specifically, it is a vase used to collect the waste of water and ash to obtain the “lisciva”, a natural soap.From waste to resource!

The presentation was made for the Ecodesign course of the Politecnico di Torino thanks to the contribution of other fantastic colleagues.
Product renders were made with Blender 2.78 and Cycles

Modeling in Rhinoceros