Industrial Loft

Recently I was fashinating by Si.Saccab architecture interior.

Their apartment MF in Vila Madalena, Spain was an interior style that I liked a lot. I decided in my spare time to recreate the same style interior, like an Industrial Loft.
It all started from modeling a leather sofa and then, after seeing some references I was modeling the whole loft.
This is a personal project to improve myself in Archviz 
It was all modeled in Blender 2.8 

I used Marvelous Designer only for bed, pillows, blankets and curtains. 
Major models are modeled by myself, some others are from Imeshh, Chocofur, BlenderBoom and Architecture Academy 

Some objects are recreated them with photogrammetry (low profile =)) 

Rendered with Cycles with 2000 samples with changing exposure parameteres for every shot 

Featured on Blendernation as “Best Blender artist: 2019, week 15” with lots of other talented people