Exterior Exhibit for “Heroes Meet in Maratea”

This was a commissioned project.

The goal was to design and physically build a series of outdoor furnishing accessories for the Innovation festival “Heroes meet in Maratea”. The furnishing systems, which include a social / information panel, as well as seats and tables, have been designed by me and is made in osb wood. All the elements are designed with single boards, united only thanks to an ingenious system of plastic hooks: Playwood! The choice of using these connectors derives from the idea of ​​being able to disassemble and reassemble where the set-up is desired, guaranteeing modularity and ease of transport.

 The project elements were then painted and an adhesive graphic was applied to complete the design. Each piece of furniture has been completely handmade, except for the shaping of each osb panel. Edge beveling, painting, graphic application, assembly, etc. they were made entirely by me by hands.

Renders are done with Keyshot